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Hi. I write this shit.

Some general thoughts:

  • Port is the best.
  • Drawing is the best.
  • Talking is the best.
  • Black pleather leggings are the best.
  • Combat boots are the best.
  • Bitchy resting face is the best.
  • Dating is for chumps.
  • Naps are for winners.
  • Don’t waste your time working for a company that doesn’t respect you.
  • Wade Kinsella can get it.
  • Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint can get it.
  • Jennifer Lawrence can get it.
  • New Girl can get it.
  • The Mindy Project can get it.
  • Witches are awesome.
  • The Walking Dead toys with my emotions and gag reflex.
  • R.Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ is a gift from the gods.
  • Babies are really cute.
  • A life without snacks is not worth living.
  • A life without friends is not worth living.
  • My family is okay sometimes.
  • Netflix is my technological best friend.
  • Every moment is another moment you could have napped.