Brown people problems is a place to discuss the crazy in the brown community.
Indian people dancing.

Pierre: So, my dad sends a WTF email this morning.
Subject: if you would like to look for marriage proposal
Hi Pierre,
If you want can you check ——- —— from California. Her photos are on facebook. She did MS in Computer Engineering.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. You have an arranged marriage waiting for you.

me: Where did he find her?

P: No idea.

me: Can you please ask?

P: Heck no! My response was: I really, really hope this a a great April Fools joke.

me: What if he Facebook messaged her?

P: I doubt it. How would that convo go? Hey, I have a son who is about your age. You should marry him. Kthxbye.

me: Have you looked at her yet? Do you like her? Are you interested in proposing?

P: Ha ha ha. Look at Sloane, making jokes, trying to be funny. /sarcasm.

me: I’m actually being real. Like Indian parents are nuts, but they are uncanny.
Indian parents laughing.

P: I haven’t seen her or met her or anything, but still no.

me: You didn’t stalk her yet? Allow me.

P: Oh god… actually, this is good. Let’s see how hilariously off base my dad’s standards are.

me: She looks Indian like from India Indian, but shes cute. Your dad did ok.

P: Haha “from India Indian.”

me: Can’t you just look at one picture?

P: Ok, hold on. She looks ok.

me: What would you say? If you did message her? Something like: Hi, I am smart Indian boy with nice job with U.S. government.

P: Yeah, if I was named Sukhwinder and immigrated two weeks ago, that’s probably exactly what I would say. I think that’s the image my parents have in terms of my dating skills. Hopefully, I’m a bit smoother than that.
I'm oozing charm.

me: No comment.

P: diaf.

me: If I actually did, you’d be so sad.

P: So sad, indeed.

me: Did your dad ever respond?

P: Yeah. He said: OK, will not bother you for some time and smiley face.

me: Hahaha.

P: But, it’s actually kind of maddening. I mean I’m slightly amused, but also kinda angry.

me: I think that’s the only appropriate reaction to all parents.



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